4) By far, the biggest problem we see with ordering parts online is the need to interact with the seller when issues arise. Warranties, returns and ordering the wrong part for the right truck are headaches for the consumer that the brick and mortar retailer knows how to handle. At Custom Trucks Unlimited, we do reluctantly install products bought from online retailers. However, our estimate is that up to 25% of the times a customer brings us a product purchased online, there is an additional issue that has to be dealt with- additional parts need to be ordered, the wrong part was ordered, the part will not fit because the truck has been damaged or modified or the part just flat out doesn’t work- especially electronic accessories. These and other problems are the responsibility of the consumer to rectify with the online retailer. Custom Trucks Unlimited strives to make your truck accessory experience pleasant and satisfactory. On way, we do that is taking the stress out of the experience. If we sell the product, we want to own any problems and fit them.