The Benefits of Upgrading to an Aftermarket Truck Front Bumper

Upgrading the OEM stock front bumper is a common modification these days. Addictive Desert Designs has designed and engineered a wide variety of aftermarket bumpers designed to fit style, functionality, and budget. Front bumper replacement is considered one of the more popular modifications you can make on your vehicle today. Whether you need a bumper for off-road driving or commuting on a road that has animal prone roads (such as a deer) you need a front bumper replacement that is beefier than the factory one and something that will protect your front end.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading:


Over the years, they have developed and designed bumpers for a variety of needs for today’s enthusiasts that include more aggressive type bumpers or attractive bumpers that all serve a specific purpose. If you work on a ranch, for example, you would want something like their Rancher Front Bumper. This provides extra front end protection over a standard bumper.

Or if you are looking for something that keeps a tight fit around the front of your truck to match the factory design, while giving you the added protection of a steel plated bumper you should check out the 2017 Ford Raptor Stealth Fighter Front Bumpers.

All Addictive Desert Designs’ front bumpers provide different protection and features for your situation. Choosing the right aftermarket front bumper depends on the individual on what they specifically plan to do with the truck.


When you decide to upgrade, you will have options. What will the bumper be used for ties into vehicle use, but here at Addictive Desert Designs we like to give you options to build the bumper exactly how you want it and customize what you need for work and life. Their off-road front bumpers come with optional winch mounts, reinforced clevis mounts which are designed to accept D-Rings, a plethora of lighting options from RIGID to Baja Designs and more. Pick your favorite brand and add it to our universal light mount system that allows you to mix and match any combination of light you want. We want you to build and construct a bumper that will not only turn heads as you drive by but also protect your investment with whatever mother nature decides to throw it at.


Look we get it, when you order a bumper from Addictive Desert Designs, the last thing you want to do is open up the box and sit through hundreds of install pages trying to figure it out. With that said, all Additive Desert Design bumpers are 100% direct bolt-on meaning no cutting or drilling and more enjoying that sweet upgrade. All our install guides can be found here.



We can preach about how good our bumpers hold up but you want to see real-life examples that have been sent in by our customers. Here are some real testimonials of how our bumpers held up after accidents.



Go from this                                                                                       To this


Staying stock is boring. Why not protect your investment and look good at the same time. Get started now by viewing all of our aftermarket truck bumpers today!

At Custom Trucks, we are ready to help you select, order, and install. Come see us on Research Park Blvd. or call us at 256-837-6620!

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