Truck Caps vs. Tonneau Covers

Have you been debating over which truck bed cover to get- truck cap or tonneau? Truck bed covers keep your cargo safe from the elements and theft. They also increase your truck’s fuel economy by reducing drag. So which style should you get?

Truck Caps

Fiberglass or aluminum protective covers that are constructed with windows and usually are the same height as the truck.

* Cab high units offer SUV appearance

* Offers protected cargo capacity for large items and pets

* Rooftop cargo capacity

* Great for camping, tailgating

* Watertight

* Secure (locking)




Fiberglass, vinyl, or plastic protective covers for the rear compartment of a pick-up truck.

* Keep sleek appearance of pickup truck

* Reduces drag on tailgate that improves fuel economy

* Different styles accommodate different needs etc.

* Lockable (some models)

* Watertight (some models)


To select, order, and install your tonneau or truck cap, come see us on Research Park Blvd. or call us at 256-837-6620!

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