SLE Series Toolbox by Better Built


Designed entirely in-house, Better Built spared no effort to fashion the Shotgun Latch Elite Series into our most complete Aluminum Truck Tool Box. The SLE series is the newest generation of Better Built truck tool boxes. The front facing, quick-pull trigger style latches make it easy to open the box from the side of your truck while providing a more secure locking system. Interior LED lighting makes finding your contents inside the box a breeze, even at night. The D-ring mounting points provide you with additional tie down areas to secure cargo. The washable interior liner allows you to spray down the inside of the truck tool box and remove the water from the drain. All of these features and more come standard on all Better Built SLE truck tool boxes.



What’s better than a Better Built SLE Series tool box? How about a Better Built tool box with custom compartment configuration? The multi-divider system comes with four removable slats that let you create handy individual compartments unique to what you store inside your truck box. Find these handy multi-divider systems on all SLE Series tool boxes.


The stylish interior LED lighting makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, even after the sun goes down. Interior lights turn on when the box is being opened and automatically turn off when the box lid is closed. No wasted time and no wasted batteries. Find these handy interior lights on all SLE Series products.


Our exclusive hybrid Shotgun Rotary Latch System pairs two-stage automotive-grade latches with the elegance of our new Shotgun Latch to add an innovative and stylish latching system to Better Built SLE Series boxes. You’ll find this sleek latch system design on all SLE Series products.


Keep the inside of your truck box clean without the worry of damaging the interior. A simple spray down is all it takes to keep the inside of your tool box spic and span. A removable drain plug ensures water can easily drain. Washable interior box liners are featured in SLE Series products.


When you’re securing items in the bed of your truck, it’s usually the bed rails that are pulling most of the weight. That’s why Better Built SLE Series boxes come equipped with two D-Ring mount points. They offer additional tie-down locations to keep your cargo stable and secure.


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