Weather Guard® Introduces Lighted Truck Box with PowerSync™ Technology

Industry’s first truck box with integrated lighting technology provides
professionals with high visibility and ease-of-installation


WEATHER GUARD®, an industry leader in truck and van equipment, introduced the WEATHER GUARD® Lighted Truck Box with PowerSync™ Technology and new Light Upgrade Kits for WEATHER GUARD® 127 Saddle Boxes.

These new innovations deliver high-visibility tool storage lighting for professionals that need bright, dependable lighting for any time of the day or night. The easy-to-install wiring can be completed within 30 minutes and is compatible with all full-size trucks in North America.

“At WEATHER GUARD®, we strive to solve real-world job site challenges,” said Brian Kagen, senior vice president of marketing and product development at WernerCo. “Based on customer feedback, we developed an innovative lighted truck box storage solution that increases efficiencies for professionals working on a job site to a DIY enthusiast working in a dimly lit garage. Our newest WEATHER GUARD® innovation combines our brand promise of durability and security with 24-hour accessibility that our new lighting solutions provide.”

Designing for Functionality & Accessibility
The WEATHER GUARD® 127 Saddle Box with Integrated Lighting is a heavy-duty truck tool box that features a pre-installed lighting system. Professionals simply connect the box’s wiring harness, compatible with all full-size trucks in North America, to the power supply of their truck and the lighting system is activated. When users open the lid of the WEATHER GUARD® truck box, the responsive, ultra-bright LED lights illuminate the tools and equipment stored inside.

The system consists of long-lasting and low power consumption rear-mounted lighting, lasting a minimum of 20,000 hours, while the frosted diffusers eliminate glare. The wide light dispersion is designed for maximum visibility while meeting the IP66 requirement for durability against water and dust intrusion. This lighted box is available in matte black and clear colors.

The Light Upgrade Kits for Standard 127 Saddle Boxes are designed to retrofit pre-existing WEATHER GUARD® 127 Saddle Boxes. These kits boast a 30-minute installation time by end-users, with PowerSync™ Technology and quick connect wiring that requires no custom installation and no cutting or splicing of factory wiring. The kit’s weather-sealed, automotive-grade OEM connectors provide durability, while its integrated bezel protects the LED lights from impact. Its magnetic switch system does not require an on/off switch; the truck box lights will be automatically turned on when the lid is open, and off when it is closed.

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